2021 MacBook Pro Wallpapers: See How It Looks Underneath Your Keys

There’s a lot to celebrate on the outside of the newest MacBook Pro models, like the return of reasonable ports and MagSafe power. But tearing down the 14-inch and 16-inch models, there were quite a few changes inside, too. With reasonable room to work inside, Apple’s engineers could fit in smarter battery adhesive, easier display connections, and oh so much silicon.

If you want a visual reminder of what you’re working with, these 2021 MacBook Pro wallpapers will give you see-through powers—just at roughly 90 degrees, instead of straight-through. It can help you justify the cost of those thousands of bits under your fingers. It can spur creativity, as you ponder the connections between power, processing, heat, and exhaust. Or it can kinda look like a curious owl, greeting you whenever you minimize your windows.

We’ve got regular and darkened versions of both the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro hardware below, as well as X-ray wallpapers (light and darkened) from our friends at Creative Electron. Here’s how to make them yours:

  • Click on the images below for a larger, higher-resolution image
  • Control/right-click to save them to your Mac
  • Control/right-click the image from Finder (or your Desktop)
  • Choose “Set Desktop Picture” to make it your wallpaper (or choose them from within Preferences or Photos)

2021 16″ MacBook Pro

2021 16″ MacBook Pro, Dark

2021 14″ MacBook Pro

2021 14″ MacBook Pro, Dark

2021 14″ MacBook Pro, X-Ray

2021 14″ MacBook Pro, X-ray, Dark

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